CERT Programs in West Virgnia

​Beckley CERT
Contact: Chris Graham    
Phone: (304) 228-5405
Email: cgraham@beckleyfire.com 

​Clay County CERT
Contact: Mike Scott    
Email: mrscott@aep.com

Contact 2: Aiden Taylor
Phone: 304-651-1733
E-mail: claycountycert@gmail.com

Dunbar CERT
Contact: Greg Wolfe
Phone: 304-881-8294
Email: gwolfe76@gmail.com

Gilmer County CERT
Contact: Martin Hess
Phone: (304) 904-8786
E-Mail: ff614@shentel.net 
Greenbrier Valley CERT
Greenbrier County
Contact: Paula Brown
Phone: (304) 645-5444
E-mail: paula.brown@greenbriercountyema.net
Website: Greenbrier Co. HSEM/CC/CERT/MRC
Rhema Christian Center Team
Phone: (304) 645-6999
Don Sibold - donsibold@gmail.com
Steven Cooke - steve@therhemalife.com  
White Sulphur Springs Team
Church of Latter Day Saints Team
Jeremiah Burdette   jbburd.burdette@gmail.com  

Hardy County CERT
Contact: Paul Lewis
Phone: (304) 530-0291
E-Mail: hardyeoc@hardynet.com
2nd Contact: Fran Welton
Phone: (304) 538-2511
E-Mail: weltontk@frontiernet.net
Jefferson County CERT
Phone:  304-728-3290
Contact: Steve Allen
E-Mail:  sallen@jeffersoncountywv.org
Website: Jefferson County DHSEM

Mason County CERT
Contact: Dennis Zimmerman
Phone: (304) 675-1012
E-Mail: dzimmerman@masoncountyoes.com 
Mid-Ohio Valley (MOV) Regional MRC
Contact: Kristine Hamilton
Phone: (304) 420-1481
E-Mail: Kristine.L.Hamilton@wv.gov  

Monongalia County CERT
Contact: Joseph Klass
Phone: 304-598-5153
E-Mail: Joseph.L.Klass@wv.gov    
Website: Monongalia Co. CERT website
Monroe County Health Dept. CERT
Contact: Kelly Shreve
Phone: (304) 772-3064
E-Mail: kshreve@MonroeHealthCenter.com 
Pendleton County CERT
Contact: Koren Rawlings
Phone: (304) 668-0251
E-Mail: certofpendletoncowv@gmail.com       
Pleasants County CERT (part of MOV Regional CERT)
Contact: Holly West
E-mail: pleasantscountycert@gmail.com     
Raleigh County CERT
Contact: John Zilinsky
Phone: (304) 255-0970
E-Mail: jzilinski@suddenlinkmail.com  

Tucker County CERT
Contact: Beverly Cantrell
Phone: (304) 478-3927 or (304) 614-2962
E-Mail: Beverly.A.Cantrell@wv.gov

Tyler County S&R/CERT
Contact: Tom Cooper
Phone: (304) 758-5155
E-Mail: tjcooper@frontier.com
Website: www.tylerwv.com 
Upshur County CERT
Contact: Brian Shreves, Director Upshur Co. OEM
E-Mail: kbshreves@upshurcounty.org