Volunteer Liability

A study was conducted by the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) on West Virginia’s current liability and worker’s compensation laws as they pertain to volunteers and volunteer organizations responding in disaster. The information from the study was synthesized and presented by Claire Lee Reiss, J.D., ARM, CPCU of PERI during October 2010 throughout West Virginia. This project was funded by a grant from FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For information about the study and other resources, please click the links below: 

Addressing Liability and Managing Risks

CERT Liability Guide

Memorandum of Understanding

"Utilizing Volunteers in Emergency Response: Addressing Liability and Managing the Risk in West Virginia"

Volunteer Liability Seminar:  Video and  PowerPoint Presentation   

Volunteer Liability Seminar Q&A