ReadyWV Educational Toolkit

The ReadyWV Personal Preparedness Toolkit provides materials and tools that you can use for your emergency preparedness education and outreach efforts. Reach out to local community organizations, youth groups, faith-based groups and neighborhood associations to conduct personal preparedness education workshops utilizing the ReadyWV Toolkit. These materials can also be used to engage the public and encourage them to take ONE Quick Prep ACTION during public outreach events. So get the  message out and get your communities better prepared for disasters!

See the Contents and Guidelines for more information.

ReadyWV Toolkit
Contents and Guidelines 
  1. Communications Tip Sheet
  2. County Emergency Management Contact List
  3. Emergency Kit Content Check List
  4. Event Report form​*
  5. Family Emergency Plan Template
  6. How Prep R U Quiz
  7. Presentation (PowerPoint Slide Show) 
  8. Presentation - PDF
  9. Post Workshop Evaluation
  10. Workshop Quiz and Answer Key
  11. Workshop Sign-in Sheet *


* PLEASE complete and submit these forms to to report your preparedness workshop or outreach information data.