WV and National Disaster News - September 21, 2020



West Virginia


Construction of new homes for '16 flood victims kicked up in 2020, but officials say they'll miss their overall goal by a year



New State Resiliency Officer Briefs Legislative Flood Committee

Wheeling Intelligencer


September recognized as National Preparedness Month by local leadership

Berkeley Journal


Delaware, W.Va. and 3 more states added to DC’s high-risk list of coronavirus states




National News


Rising Waters: Do You Live in One of America's 10 Most Flood-Prone Counties?

The Telegraph


Wildfires and hurricanes disrupt final weeks of 2020 census



Storm surge and debris already present along Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Beta takes aim



More than half of states are reporting more new coronavirus cases as the US nears 200,000 deaths



Council Post: What We Can Do To Protect Our Federal Supply Chain


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