WV and National Disaster News - June 1, 2021


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West Virginia






Severe storms, flooding downpours won't relent in south-central US (AccuWeather)


6.1-magnitude earthquake rattles Southcentral Alaska (UPI)


Active hurricane season forecast raises concerns for already-stretched FEMA staffing (MSNBC)

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Yahoo News/AP reports Tropical Storm Blanca is forecast to continue moving farther out to sea without posing any threat to land.


NPR reports the Atlantic hurricane season begins Tuesday and is likely to be busier than usual. since 2017.


The Hill reports experts say the country is still not adequately prepared as climate change continues to intensify extreme weather. Gavin Dillingham, director of clean energy policy at the Houston Advanced Research Center, says the U.S. needs to adopt stronger resilience policies, especially to hurricanes. Dillingham says, “We can continue to adapt, we can continue to work on improving the resilience of our infrastructure, but it just becomes harder and harder the longer we wait.”


CNN reports Amazon and the Red Cross are hoping a brand-new disaster relief hub and partnership will allow for a faster response to locations hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters. The new venture in Atlanta blends the Red Cross’s disaster response background with Amazon's delivery know-how. While no

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