WV and National Disaster News - January 22, 2021


West Virginia
·         WVDHHR Daily COVID Update (Jan. 22, 2021)
National News
·         Huffington Post reports President Joe Biden signed ten actions designed to focus on mending public trust and overhauling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout on Thursday, calling the aggressive effort a “wartime undertaking.” Biden said, “Our national plan launches a full-scale wartime effort to address the supply shortages by ramping up production and protective equipment, syringes, needles, you name it."
·         C-CPAN - Biden outlined his COVID relief plan during a Thursday address from the White House and warned Americans that, “things are going to continue to get worse before they get better,” saying the death toll in the U.S. would likely top 500,000 next month.
·         Salon reports part of the plan calls for creating federal vaccination centers and mobilizing FEMA, the National Guard and others to administer the vaccines.
·         The New York Times reports Biden wants FEMA to have 100 vaccination centers in operation in the next month.  
·         New York Magazine reports Biden is implementing the full resources of the Defense Production Act and has directed all federal agencies and private industries to expedite the manufacturing of supplies necessary for the pandemic response, including test supplies and kits, vaccines, and masks. These items are among the “12 immediate supply shortfalls” Biden officials say they have identified.
·         USA Today reports the DPA will also be used strengthen the supply chain for the raw materials needed to make vaccines and support expanding capacity to make lipid nanoparticles, a crucial and complex part of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
·         The Washington Post reports Biden said now is the time to implement the DPA to increase efforts to combat the pandemic. Biden said, “This is a wartime undertaking,” noting that more Americans have died of covid-19 than in all of World War II. (Article may be paywalled, try incognito mode.)
·         MSNBC  - White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain told that the supply of Covid-19 vaccines will increase by 20 percent because of implementing the Defense Production Act.
·         MSNBC Sen. Amy Klobuchar talked about the pandemic and getting economic relief for struggling families and businesses, “… the American people have been waiting too long.”
·         NBC News reports at least a dozen states including New York are reporting Covid-19 vaccine supply shortages.
·         CNBC reports new CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that the Biden administration is working to understand what’s holding up the swift distribution and administration of more COVID vaccine doses. Walensky said, “We are working closely with Gen. Perna, with the manufacturers, with the states to understand exactly where the supply is.” 
·         CBS News reports New York City closed 15 vaccine centers and canceled 23,000 appointments on Thursday. "We are running out of vaccine and we need more now," Mayor Bill de Blasio said. Some state officials told CBS News they have already seen more outreach from the federal government just in the past 24 hours, including offers of help from FEMA to set up and staff mass vaccination sites.

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