WV and National Disaster News - January 11, 2021


West Virginia
National News
·         FEMA’s New National Risk Index Offers Data Assessment Ability (Government Technology)
·         Lawmakers Huddling in Capitol's Safe Room May Have Been Exposed to COVID, Warns Physician (Newsweek)  Dr. Robert Redfield is also warning that the Capitol mob riot was likely a coronavirus "surge event" and "is going to have public health consequences." Redfield says.  Related articles include Associated Press, CNN and NPR.
·         DC Mayor Bowser requests DHS heighten security measures in District ahead of inauguration (Politico) Bowser is also asking that the period for the National Special Security Event be extended, changing it from Jan. 19-21 to Jan. 11-24 to allow for continued federal security in the area. Other Related Articles Fox News, Fox5 (DC), and CBS’s “Face the Nation”

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