WV and National Disaster News - February 1, 2021


West Virginia
National News
New Jersey, Philadelphia Declare Emergencies; Hundreds of Crashes Reported as Winter Storm Orlena Moves East Several states have declared snow emergencies in preparation for a multi-day snow event called Winter Storm Orlena by the Weather Channel.
r has setup a live link to track the storm and forecasters are warning people across the Northeast to "buckle up" for a winter storm that could drop up to of 36 inches of snow in some areas.
Biden's COVID response team is scrambling to find 20 million coronavirus vaccine doses the Trump administration didn't bother tracking Business Insider reported Sunday that President Biden's ambitious coronavirus plan has hit a snag because some 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses are unaccounted for. The article says the federal government has paid for and delivered them to states, but there's no record that those doses have been doled out to patients. The article goes on to say that "Operation Warp speed," the vaccine rollout program started by Donald Trump, prioritized dose distribution, and didn't require states give updates on what happened to their doses until the shots were administered. Politico reports one adviser said, “I think they [Biden administration] were really caught off guard by that. It’s a mess.”
Fox News reports a top infectious disease expert says the U.S. needs to rush giving out the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before an anticipated "Category 5" hurricane-like surge in cases.
In other news, USN&WR reports anti-vaccination protesters forced the temporary shutdown of the inoculation center at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, stalling hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in line for hours.

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