WV and National Disaster News - December 10, 2020


 West Virginia
West Virginia sets daily record of 31 Covid-19 deaths
Sen. Joe Manchin says Covid bi-partisan relief plan is an emergency package, ‘not a do-all, end-all’
Manchin says ‘framework’ picking up additional support
‘We have a way to go and a lot to do,’ FEMA administrator says of culture improvement efforts
House approves one-week spending bill as stimulus talks drag on
The Perfect Storm': How Coronavirus Spread Vaccine Misinformation To The Mainstream
DOD Unveils Its Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Plan
A vaccine could soon get the green light, but Americans need to stay vigilant to avoid 'unthinkable death toll,' expert says
Covid-19 Live Updates: U.S. Tops 3,000 Daily Deaths, Setting a Record
Azar says vaccinations could begin next week, 20M people inoculated by end of year

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