WV and National Disaaaster News - June 30, 2021


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West Virginia


WV Daily COVID Update & Stats for June 30, 2021 (WV DHHR) - DHHR has confirmed the deaths of a 79-year old female from Gilmer County, an 88-year old female from Wayne County, a 76-year old male from Berkeley County, an 84-year old female from Jefferson County, a 90-year old female from Wayne County, an 81-year old female from Mineral County, a 79-year old male from Wetzel County, a 65-year old female from Braxton County, a 54-year old male from Fayette County, a 94-year old female from Marshall County, a 76-year old female from Mercer County, and an 83-year old male from Kanawha County.

Eleven of the 12 deaths reported in today’s dashboard report are a result of the Bureau for Public Health’s continuing data reconciliation with the official death certificate. Seven of the eleven deaths were from April and May 2021, while four of the deaths occurred in September 2020 (1), October 2020 (2), and January 2021 (1).


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