WV and National COVID News, May 11, 2020


West Virginia
Manchin says West Virginia should stop sitting on $1.25 billion in federal relief
West Virginia National Guard explains COVID-19 safety tips for retail workers
How COVID-19 Tore Through a Black Church Community in West Virginia
Mask maker on approved list in FDA probe
Data shows West Virginians of color disproportionately affected by COVID-19
Lack of masks, gowns expected to delay reopening for some WV dentists
White House to direct supply of COVID-19 drug amid access fears
Coronavirus testing on the rise, scientists say more testing is needed
COVID-19 Has Created A Legal Aid Crisis. FEMA's Usual Response Is Missing
Sleuthing at Funeral Parlors to Track Nursing Homes’ True Toll
Like ‘stationary cruise ships’: Prisons, factories emerging as deadly coronavirus transit hubs
Predicted Covid-19 US death toll keeps rising with states reopening and more people moving around
South Korea sends 2M masks to US to fight coronavirus

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