Preparedness GIFT Ideas


Can't think of the perfect gift for that person that has everything? Give them the gift of PREPAREDNESS! Here are some ideas that are suitable for family, friends, and almost anyone on your list.  

  • 1st Aid Kit
  • Emergency Kits – for home or car
  • Quality flashlight and extra batteries
  • Radio hand-crank or battery operated
  • Head lamp or glow sticks
  • LED Emergency hand-crank lantern
  • Multi-tool kit or Pocket/Swiss Army knife
  • Smoke detector and/or carbon monoxide detector
  • Water filtration bottle
  • Mobile phone battery charger or car charger. Some power-up multiple devices at the same time and have a flashlight.

You can find these and other preparedness items at your favorite big box, hardware store, or on-line retailer. 

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