Fayette County Rolls Out Swift911 Mass Emergency Notification System


FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) –  Fayette County announced the roll-out of the new county-wide Swift911 mass-notification alert system.

The system will send residents of Fayette County and other municipalities emergency alerts by phone, text, social media, email or fax.  It will also alert residents about boil water advisory if they are issued.  Kevin Walker emergency management says this is a step closer notifying the public when emergencies are in place.  The public needs to be aware of this system and that it is here for them.  The primary goal is to make sure the citizens of this county are aware of any or all hazards that may prevent any harm to citizens, and that system is sure for that.

Walker goes on to say, landline phone numbers have automatically been added to the system.  If you want to enroll with your mobile device simply text swift911 to 99538.

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