FEMA Accepts Youth Preparedness Council Applications


FEMA is now accepting applications through March 8 for its 2020 Youth Preparedness Council (YPC) from students in grades 8-11. The YPC gives youth the chance to meet peers from across the county to work together on exciting projects. Members will also travel to Washington, D.C., for the annual YPC Summit.
Since 2012, FEMA has brought youth together, nationwide, who are passionate about preparedness and community service. As part of the YPC, members can build leadership skills, represent their schools and communities, and share perspectives, feedback, and opinions with FEMA.

To be considered as an applicant for the national Youth Preparedness Council, you should complete all sections of the application.

These sections include the following:

1. A complete application form (including narrative responses to all application questions)

2. Letters of recommendation

3. Academic records (including transcripts from last year and this year)

4. A list of extracurricular activities

5. Any supplemental materials you wish to add to showcase your capabilities


For more information about how to apply to FEMA’s national Youth Preparedness Council, go to:

General Information

Application instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Form in PDF

Contact Information