Be Prepared, NOT Scared


​Are you ready for an emergency - floods, severe weather, power outages, etc.? Are you ready to protect your family, neighbors, and co-workers during a disaster?
BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED. September is Preparedness Month. Volunteer West Virginia’s ReadyWV campaign encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to prepare yourself and those in your care for emergencies and disasters.

Natural or man-made disasters can happen unexpectedly at any time with or without warning. First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS, etc.) may not be able to reach you as quickly as they would like in an emergency or disaster. The most important step you can take in keeping you and your family safe, is by taking some simple steps NOW, to be prepared:

Stay Informed: Information is available from federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial resources. Know Your Alerts and Warnings. Become familiar with common hazards in your area. Learn what to do before, during, and after an emergency.
Make a Plan: Discuss, agree on, and document an emergency plan with your loved ones. See sample Family Plan Template. Work together with neighbors, colleagues, and others to build community resilience.
Build a Kit: Keep enough emergency supplies - water, nonperishable food, first aid, prescriptions, flashlights, and battery-powered or hand crank radio on hand - for your household. 
Get Involved: There are many ways to get involved especially before a disaster occurs. The whole community can participate in programs and activities to make their families, homes, and places of worship safer from risks and threats. 

  • Invite your local fire department or other 1st response agency to speak about safety and disaster preparedness at your next neighborhood watch, social group or faith-based meeting. 
  • Volunteer with a disaster response recovery organization.
  • Learn NEW Life Saving Skills

By taking these simple actions, you can help make your family safer, better prepared and more resilient.


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