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 Emergency Shelters

If local authorities ask you to leave your home, they have a good reason to make this request, and you should follow their instructions. Your life and those of your family are more important than property. Keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and sturdy shoes so you can be protected as much as possible. Dress warmly in winter.
  • Lock your home. Take your Family Emergency Supplies Kit.
  • Use travel routes that local authorities tell you to use. Don’t take shortcuts, because certain areas may be impassable or dangerous.
  • Continue to listen to the Emergency Alert System radio station.
If you’re sure you have time, shut off water and electricity before leaving if instructed to do so. Leave natural gas services ON unless local officials advise you otherwise. You may need gas for heating and cooking later, and only a professional can restore gas service in your home once it’s been turned off. In an emergency situation it could take weeks for a professional to respond.

Post a note telling others when you left, who is with you and where you are going. Call your family contact to tell them where you are going, when you expect to arrive and who is with you.

Remember to evacuate your pets too. Click here for more about what to do for pets.

Check on your neighbors according to prearranged plans, especially those living alone, the elderly or disabled persons.

For more information visit the National Shelter System and the Red Cross.

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