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In 95 percent of all emergencies, the victim or bystander provides the first immediate assistance on the scene. Would you know what to do? Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members get training to learn to help themselves, their families, and those nearby during an incident, and can provide assistance to first responders. You can be ready. CERT can help get you there. For more information, contact Gina.L.Namay@wv.gov

CERT Programs in West Virginia
Beckley CERT
Contact: Chris Graham    
Phone: (304) 228-5405
Brooke County CERT
Phone: (304) 737-5002
Contact: Robert Fowler
2nd Contact: John Williams
E-Mail: jwilliams@brookecountyema.com
Gilmer County CERT
Contact: Martin Hess
Phone: (304) 904-8786
E-Mail: ff614@shentel.net
Greenbrier Valley CERT
Greenbrier County
Contact: Paula Brown
Phone: (304) 645-5444
E-mail: paula.brown@greenbriercountyema.net
Website: Greenbreir Co. HSEM/CC/CERT/MRC
Rhema Christian Center Team
Phone: (304) 645-6999
Don Sibold - donsibold@gmail.com
Steven Cooke - steve@therhemalife.com
White Sulphur Springs Team
Church of Latter Day Saints Team
Jeremiah Burdette   jbburd.burdette@gmail.com
Hardy County CERT
Contact: Paul Lewis
Phone: (304) 530-0291
E-Mail: hardyeoc@hardynet.com
2nd Contact: Fran Welton
Phone: (304) 538-2511
E-Mail: weltontk@frontiernet.net
Harrison County CERT
Contact: Laura Pysz
Phone: 304-842-8239
E-Mail:   lpysz@bridgeportwv.com  
Jefferson County CERT
Phone:  304-728-3329
Contact: Barbara Miller
E-Mail: bmiller@jeffersoncountywv.org
Website: Jefferson County HSEM
Marshall County CERT
Contact: Mike Mucheck
Phone: (304) 843-1130
E-Mail: mmucheck@marshallcountywv.org
Mason County CERT
Contact: Chuck Absten
Phone: 304-655-0023
E-Mail: cabsten2959@yahoo.com
Mid-Ohio Valley (MOV) Regional CERT
Contact: Kristine Green
Phone: (304) 420-1481
E-Mail: Kristine.L.Green@wv.gov
Social Media: MOV CERT Facebook Page

Monongalia County CERT
Contact: Randy Williams
Phone: (304) 598-5154
E-Mail: Randy.L.Williams@wv.gov   
Website: Monongalia Co. CERT website
Monroe County Health Dept. CERT
Contact: Kelly Shreve
Phone: (304) 772-3064
E-Mail: kshreve@MonroeHealthCenter.com
Pendleton County CERT
Contact: Koren Rawlings
Phone: (304) 668-0251
E-Mail: certofpendletoncowv@gmail.com  
Pleasants County CERT (part of MOV Regional CERT)
Contact: Holly West
E-mail: pleasantscountycert@gmail.com  
Raleigh County CERT
Contact: John Zilinsky
Phone: (304) 255-0970
E-Mail: jzilinski@suddenlinkmail.com
Richwood City CERT
Contact: Mike Robinson
Phone: (304) 651-2245
E-Mail: mikerobinson92@yahoo.com
Summers County CERT
Contact: Lynne Bauer
Phone: (561)-891-1488
E-Mail:  jlbfarm@yahoo.com
Tyler County OEM/S&R/CERT
Contact: Tom Cooper
Phone: (304) 758-5155
E-Mail: tjcooper@frontier.com
Website: www.tylerwv.com
Upshur County CERT
Contact: Steve Wykoff
E-Mail: garlonwv@gmail.com
Western Greenbrier CERT
Contact: Jennifer Clendenin
Phone: (304) 578-3570
E-mail: lilmsems78@ymail.com
2nd Contact: Brandon Terry
E-mail: brandon@cavalierpromotions.com 
Social Media: Western Greenbrier CERT Facebook Page
Wirt County CERT (part of MOV Regional CERT)
Contact: Bruce Wendelken
E-mail: wirtcert@gmail.com
Wood County CERT (part of MOV Regional CERT)
Contact: Joezie Hickman
E-Mail: hickmanplumbing@yahoo.com

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